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About Us

                From a place where struggle triumphs over success, Zehn Dieci was created to give hope, and inspire others to overcome what many think is impossible. A combination of two words, in two different languages, both meaning the same thing. Zehn (Zen), spoken in German, and Dieci (Dee-eh-chee), spoken in Italian, both mean 10 (Ten)…simply put, Zehn Dieci means “1010” …a symbolic number that appears as a sign from the universe, and the angels that watch and protect you.

                Each number has different qualities, but when it all comes together, it gives more power and significance to the meaning. The angel number 1 represents positivity, originality, and self-assertiveness. The angel number 0 represents purity and truth. The angel number 10 represents the discovery of new possibilities, expansion, moving forward, personal development, and finding your purpose. The angel number 1010 is all about trusting yourself, eliminating the negative attitude and thoughts from your mind, exploring the unknown, and living life in the moment. When you see these numbers throughout the day, recognize the signs...your angels are speaking to you. You are on the right path. Everything happens for a reason. Seeing the number 1010 is to boost your confidence, motivate you to achieve new goals, and confirm that you are on your way to success. 

                By wearing and supporting the Zehn Dieci brand, you are displaying your confidence in your true self. You understand the influence that your thoughts and actions have in your life, as well as others. You have the power to create your own destiny. You are not afraid to face the challenges that are ahead of you, because you believe that you have the strength to overcome ANYTHING! You are brave enough to try new things. You are not afraid to go places you have never been before. Check things off of your bucket list. Chase your dreams, and create great memories in the process. Trust yourself. Motivate yourself. Think it, do it! The impossible is always possible. Go for it!!! "Zehn Dieci"